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​With Odoo you can manage your entire company. The online software consists of a whole range of integrated apps, which are kept simple and are loved by millions of users worldwide. Sole traders, SMEs, multinationals and governments, they all use Odoo! The software is scalable and because of the online set-up you can easily collaborate with your accountant.

Our office works mainly with Odoo. Our customers send their purchase invoices electronically. You can also upload sales invoices or, even better, immediately create them in Odoo and send them to your customers. Everything works simply and is seamlessly integrated. You can decide for yourself how much of your bookkeeping you want to do yourself:

- documents supplied by customer | booking, VAT return, year-end closing, taxation, etc. by our office
- delivery and entry of documents by the customer | VAT return, year-end closing, taxation, etc. by our office
- full accounting by customer | year-end closing, taxation, etc. by our office

The use of the Odoo accounting app is free for our customers as long as you do not activate any other apps. If you wish to switch your company - step by step - completely to Odoo, you can activate additional apps. When activating additional apps, Odoo will bill all the users directly to your company. You can quickly make a price calculation via the Odoo website.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to manage your business through Odoo. We are happy to advise you and put you in touch with an Odoo employee to go over all options without obligation.

Check out Odoo's capabilities on their website: